Monday, July 2, 2012

Book Talk: Made to Crave Devotional

Hi friends! Today I'd like to introduce you to a book, and topic you may be familiar with. This whole thing of craving God, and not food. I know as a woman it is often my gut reaction on a good day, bad day, or in-between day, to reach for food! Although I certainly think as human beings with God-given tastebuds we will crave certain tastes at one time or another, I don't believe that running to food to fill our emotional tanks is necessary or healthy.

This isn't something I struggle with on a huge level, but as my daughter is growing I've realized I'm not okay with this for my life, even a tiny bit. She is watching and learning after-all! I was intrigued by this book and found it on   Afterall, it seems that this topic is one that most Christian women just don't touch or God forbid, talk about.

There is actually a main book called "Made to Crave", that details the author's own personal struggle and FREEDOM from craving food and satisfying emotional needs in that way. I haven't read this book. By accident I ordered the devotional instead and have found it is just what I need.

I don't want to give up too much about this book because I'm truly hoping you'll read it and pray through this for yourself! However, one of the first things that stuck out to me about the devotional was the author's way of pointing out that the number on the scale does not define us. In our day and age, everyone it seems is about "the number". And most of the time we feel like we're not hitting it! 

The biggest point I have taken away from this book so far is that there are other ways we should judge our success in being healthy, other than if our number on the scale has hit rock bottom.  Did we eat out of hunger and health for the day, or out of an emotional need? Did we honor God with the foods we put into our bodies, or honor our selfish desires? 
These are the questions that lead us to judge our success. This isn't to say I don't ever believe in having a treat-I certainly do! I also believe in stepping on the scale...I think it's an important part of our health to make sure we're within a healthy weight range.

However, I want God to be pleased with how I'm treating my temple, both inside and out. Guilt trip after an unhealthy treat.....dependence on food from an emotional struggle? I'm choosing to say no.
I hope you will too. :)

Sara :)

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