Thursday, January 12, 2017

{Dairy Free} Chai Latte

Becca here with a recipe I'm excited to share; it has become my favorite afternoon drink lately.  While we were driving back home from celebrating Christmas with family that live about four hours away from us, it was getting bitterly cold, so we stopped at Starbucks and I used a gift card I had received for my birthday to order an Oprah Chai Tea, with no sugar or syrups, add honey and almond milk.  It was really delicious, so I have been experimenting to make a similar substitute here at home, and am really happy with the recipe I'm going to share today!  Because it's caffeine free, I am able to drink it as my after lunch, quiet time treat.  What is your favorite hot tea "recipe"?

{Dairy Free} Chai Latte
Makes 32 ounces

2 bags Celestial Seasonings "Bengal Spice" tea, or Good Earth "sweet & spicy" (I use caffeine free)
3/4 cup UNsweetened almond milk (my favorites are 365 Organic from Whole Foods, or Califia Farms I can get at Walmart)
2 - 4 Tablespoons honey, to taste
About 25 ounces of boiling water (we love our electric kettle!)
32 ounce container to make it in (I use my Ozark Trail "Yeti" style cup)

Combine the boiling water and two teabags in your heat safe container.  Leave it for ten minutes.

Remove the tea bags, add in the almond milk and honey, and stir well.  (Don't try to skip a step and not stir well, the honey clumps up at the bottom, and almond milk doesn't mix evenly if you don't!)


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