Friday, February 24, 2012

Homemade Snow Ice Cream!

Becca here with our favorite winter treat!  Living in Arkansas, any accumulating snow itself is a treat more than a given during our winters.  It's actually going to be in the 70s this week.  But one day last week we woke up to several inches and it was still falling!   The kids & I bundled up first thing & headed out to play before it melted away.  I brought my biggest mixing bowl & a large spoon to gather clean snow for making our annual snow ice cream!   We had this growing up, and my kids love to make it now too.  I usually make several large batches & freeze it to for my husband (and us!) to enjoy later.  I have one container left I'm saving for a special occasion in my freezer right now :)

Snow Ice Cream

15 cups fresh, clean snow (approximate, that's about what my largest bowl holds)
1 cup sugar
2 Tablespoons real vanilla extract
1-2 cups of milk (this will vary depending on how dry or wet the snow God sent is!)

Mix all ingredients together well in your large bowl, starting with 1 cup of milk and adding more as needed.  You can see in the photo above that the consistency will be similiar to 'real' ice cream when it's ready. 

If the mixture starts to get too 'soupy' or liquidy, just add more snow!  Enjoy!

Please note that you want to use *clean* snow!  I usually scoop it from the top of our covered grill, ledge on our outdoor fireplace, or somewhere like that.  Not off of the ground, and I always scrape the top off, not digging down deep enough that you're actually scraping the object you're getting the snow off of. 

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