Thursday, February 9, 2012

Salad Supreme

Think you don't like salad? Think again! I also had the same point of view regarding our leafy friend until visiting Italy a few years back. They do salad like nobody's business! (and did I mention how small they all are?) The Italians know how to do a good, filling salad. So since then Brett and I decided to make salad a regular around our house.
The key is to make this a meal. This is not a "diet food"'s not empty calories. It's delicious, full of ingredients, and filling enough for a complete meal. If you wish some whole-grain bread on the side would be a great addition as well.
Wondering how to make such a salad?
Supreme Salad
Ingredient list:
*Spinach leaf lettuce (I buy the bag from Walmart Neighborhood Express but Becca said Sam's has a much better deal on it if you are able to make it by there!)
*Canned mushrooms
*Baby carrots
*Tuna (packed in water, not oil!)
*Grated parmesan cheese
*Boiled egg
*Pepperoncini peppers
*Capers (You have GOT to try these! Delicious! Look for them on the pickle/pepper aisle)
*Roasted chickpeas (see here:
We had two different dressings for this salad-Brett chose the healthier choice of olive oil and basalmic vinegar, and I had light creamy caesar. A note about dressings is to watch your portion! :) I always think you should still be able to taste the actual salad first-the dressing should just be the icing on the cake...not the whole cake!

Other ideas for salad ingredients could be: olives, tomatoes, corn or peas!

Why not set up a salad bar and make the choosing fun for the whole family?
Happy Eating! Sara :)

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