Monday, April 2, 2012

The Family Dinner

Growing up we always had family dinner. We sat together, talked about our days, giggled (way too much sometimes), and ate together. As I've grown up and become a mom myself I've realized this is a charming idea, but not reality to many. I think it should be both-a charming idea and reality!
I checked this book out from our local library and was so impressed! It's currently on my wishlist! Right now dinner time is all about getting my little one to pick up her own bites. But the dynamic will change as she gets older.
This book is all about different ways to make family dinner time fun and enjoyable for all ages at the table !
From conversation starters, to creative ways to involve your kids in the cooking process, this book includes many great tips! The focus isn't on a picture-perfect dinner table. It's on creating memories, and making dinner time about more than just the food on the table.
I also stumbled upon the author's website that is a great additional read!
You can find it here:
The Family Dinner by Laurie David
I hope you'll check it out!
Sara :)

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