Monday, April 23, 2012

Waffle Bar (and DIY Sunflower Centerpiece)

 Good morning everyone! This idea is something I did a while ago for some girl friends of mine and would love to do again! Something I really enjoy is entertaining! I love planning, decorating, and cooking to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere for conversation and meaningful moments to be created.
Some of my favorite ideas (as I've mentioned here before) for food prep and display are a "bar".....You can easily set up a main item (in our case-it's WAFFLES), and then many condiments and "extras" to add to create a custom taste for each person!
For this idea I had the plate of waffles prepared on the table, and then used the mini black bowls for extra toppings, such as peanut butter, blue berries, strawberries, powdered sugar, etc. You could also do coconut, peaches, or apple slices with cinnamon!

Another fun idea would be to create this bar Dessert Style-think caramel, chocolate chips, whipped topping, etc. Of course-this would be a super treat! Maybe a birthday would be worthy of the occasion. :)

The mugs and Mason jars on the side are simply labeled "Milk or Juice"..and "Hot Chocolate or Coffee". I tied scraps of fabric around each to create an easy, cute look!
The Sunflower Centerpiece is actually  DIY! The fun part? The center of each flower is made from coffee grinds! These were so much fun to make. If you have older children this might be something fun they could jump in and help you make too! The best part is they won't wilt after a few days! You can find the tutorial here from That Artist Woman: Paper Sunflower DIY

I hope you'll try this out for a special weekend family breakfast.....a surprise dinner, a baby shower, or girls night in! 
Enjoy and Happy Eating!
Sara :)

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