Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tree Branch Conversation Centerpiece

 Hi everyone! I'm here with a crafty idea that will easily spruce up your dining room table and requires very few supplies!  My favorite kind of project. I recently hosted a Craft Day at my house and wanted an easy way to get the conversation going between everyone who attended.  There were friends from several different circles of my daily life there and I thought it would be fun to have some fun/thought-provoking questions to break the ice a bit.

For this project I gathered some sticks and branches from my yard, and then wrapped some of them with long strips of fabric.  I also painted a plain terracotta flower pot a nice turquoise shade and then stuck the branches inside.  Last I printed some conversation starters on my home computer and used a roll of brown kraft paper, and some scrapbook paper to make some cute tags to fix the questions to.  I then hung the question tags with embroidery thread.  This project was fairly quick, and looks great on our dining room table.  My husband and I are getting great use out of it too. :)


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