Friday, September 7, 2012

Fruit Banana Boats

If you have kids, you understand how the presentation of food can make all of the difference!  My kids love fruit, but they were even more thrilled about eating it when they saw the fun Fruit Banana Boats!  I saw a version of this idea here, and changed it up some to use what we had on hand!  These would be cute to make for a birthday party too!  If you're going to have them sitting out for long, I would make a lemon juice/water mixture to spray on the bananas to keep them from getting brown.

Fruit Banana Boats

Other Fruit (we used strawberries and grapes, but any other fruit would be delicious!)

1. Peel the banana.  With the curve of the banana facing up, cut the top 1/4 portion out. 

2. Use a small spoon (or the knife), and remove enough of the middle of the banana to place fruit inside.

3. Line up your mixed fruit, and you're done!


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