Friday, October 26, 2012

"Return To Sunday Dinner" Book Review

As part of Thomas Nelson's group, BookSneeze, bloggers are able to receive a free copy of a book, in exchange for our honest opinion of the book.  When I see a cookbook that is available, I am always excited to have the opportunity to review something, and hopefully gain inspiration for new recipes to try! 

 When I received "Return to Sunday Dinner: The Simple Delight of Family, Friends, and Food", I was already so pleased with the appearance of the cover.  The striking photography, colorful stripes, and the wording was appealing right away!  As I began to read the introduction, I liked Mr. Cronkite's vision for this cookbook immediately.  One of his main goals for this book is to remind the reader of their own memories of Sunday dinners.  This will look very different for various people, but for most of us, there was some form of gathering with family and friends that took place.  A time of fellowship and rest.  This tradition has faded slowly through the years for many families, and Mr. Cronkhite is encouraging the reader to revive the Sunday dinner!

Each chapter is clearly labeled with a Title, and what menu items will follow.  There are many unique chapters and meal ideas, and this book would suit many different tastes.

The photography in the book is beautiful!  It makes the reader excited to try the recipes, and it almost seems as if you can smell some of the delicious foods through the pages!

Another feature of this cookbook that I really love is the section at the end of each chapter titled 'Easy Time-Saving and Do-Ahead Tips.  It specifies things that can be done on Saturday night, and also Sunday morning, to make the meal prep for Sunday dinner much easier! 

I really like the concept of this book.  I agree with Mr. Cronkhite that Sunday dinner is a fading concept, and needs to be revived!  So, invite your friends and family, and share a time of food, fellowship and rest with one another!

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