Monday, November 19, 2012

Toddler Water Play

Hi everyone! Like so many of you, I have a small child at home that I want to involve in the kitchen!  At 16-months it is sometimes difficult for me to know how to involve my little girl.  A good place to start (in my opinion) is letting her experiment with the tools and supplies that help make the kitchen function! 

   For this idea I simply filled up our sink with warm water and added enough dish soap to make a significant amount of bubbles.  I then added cups, measuring cups, sponges, spoons, ladles, and a colander to the mix and let my daughter have at it!  She got to stand in a chair for this activity, under my close supervision.  At first I just had her play with the items in the sink, but then got her a smaller, clear plastic tub to set beside the sink as well.  She absolutely loved this!  

   It gave us a great opportunity to talk about the words: squeeze, pour, stir, bubbles, splash, scoop, and float!  I played with her, engaging her in "conversation" (jibber-jabber) for quite a while and then let her play independently (I was still right by her, prepping some food).  Overall I'd say this was a huge hit and we'll be doing this again!

Happy playing,
Sara :)

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