Monday, January 21, 2013

Spruce UP your kitchen {DIY}

 Hi everyone! Today I want to share a few quick ways you can easily spruce up your kitchen with regular items you probably already have on hand, or that you can easily buy at your grocery store.  I spend a lot of my day in the kitchen, with three meals a day (plus snacks), and three mouths to feed.  To start, I recently added this antique tray to the middle of my dining room table.  I like having the items we use the most during the day easily accessible.  Plus, I think it looks pretty! :)
A glass water bottle like this makes a great addition to any kitchen and is around $1.50 on the water aisle at your grocery store.  Plus, after you drink the water inside you can either refill it, or stick a pretty flower inside.
Lemons are another bright way I like to spruce up the kitchen!  They are such a bright, cheery addition in a vase, or simply laying on the counter.  Plus they taste great squeezed on a salad, fish, or chicken afterwards.
Pretty paper adds a lot to a cake plate!  I found this roll of heart paper in the Target $1 spot.  Cheap enough to add as decoration, and then throw away afterwards.
Last, my favorite way to spruce up the kitchen is with a great cookbook.  This is called What Katie Ate, and can be found here.  The photography in this book is amazing and I like that it adds a piece of art to the kitchen.
Happy Sprucing!
Sara :)

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