Monday, June 24, 2013

Fresh: Summer Eats and Ideas

Hi everyone!  I've discovered a new excitement over food in the last few weeks, as the garden is beginning to produce a beautiful bounty.  Eating outside adds an extra layer of relaxation as well so I thought I'd share some of the fresh eats and ideas we've been experiencing lately.

The pictures above are of one of my top favorite recipes ever.  Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos!  I posted these a long, long time ago on the blog and they're so worth checking out again!  Promise me you'll make them, and load them up with the chipotle sauce. Let it drip on your plate even, they are THAT good. You can find the recipe here:.

Another favorite idea of ours for the summer is to grill just about anything.  I'm not sure what it is about the grill that just seems to make food taste better, but it does somehow.  We like to season chicken or salmon well (a multi-purpose seasoning like Cavender's does the trick) and throw it on the grill.  Sometimes my husband will put a bit of olive oil on top of the salmon first, and then season it.  Delicious!
We also like to grill veggies from our garden.  Do you have a skillet grill like this? You must get one!  So handy to have.
The last idea combines my love of crafting/decorating and our garden.  A few weeks ago we had an overabundance of lettuce in the garden so I decided to share with my neighbor friend. I thought it would look better in a jar and bag embellished with cute washi tape. :)  I also added a piece of cute fabric around the onions.  (For the record, my husband thought this was silly, but my friend loved it)

What fresh eats and ideas have you been up to this summer?

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