Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pesto Egg Wrap

Becca here with a super quick, super delicious meal.  In fact, we've had these Pesto Eggs several times a week the past few weeks, and no one has complained a bit.  My two year old affectionately refers to these as green eggs, and can eat as many (or more) as I do!  A great combo also is to combine the pesto from this recipe with the kale from the recipe I posted here to go along with Dr. Seuss' classic Green Eggs & Ham!  The picture above is a 'serving suggestion' for the eggs, feel free to adapt to your family's favorites; we like them on a homemade whole wheat tortilla with a bit of avocado on top, or a bit of cheese.  Just the eggs by themselves are really flavorful, and paired with fruit make a great meal for any time of day.  I originally got the idea for mixing pesto and eggs from the Weelicious Lunches cookbook I checked out from the library.  I think eggs are a great, inexpensive, healthy protein that can be cooked in just a matter of a few minutes, making them perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Feel free to experiment your favorite store bought or homemade pesto!

Pesto Egg Wrap

*Recipe is per person, so you can easily multiply to serve your family!

2 large eggs
1 heaping Tablespoon pesto (your favorite, homemade or from the store)

Additional ingredients to make wrap pictured above:
1/4 avocado
1 whole wheat tortilla

Heat a skillet over medium high heat (I use cast iron on my gas stove).  Crack eggs into the skillet.  Break the yokes and move bottom cooked part to the top and let the liquid flow to the bottom of the skillet, carefully stirring to scramble the eggs as you go.

When the eggs are nearly set, gently stir in the pesto until thoroughly mixed and eggs are done. 

Add to warmed tortilla and top with avocado, if desired.  Enjoy! 

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