Monday, November 11, 2013

Dried Plant Wreath

Hello friends, how has your November been so far?  We're definitely in the midst of holiday season. I think this dried plant wreath would be a lovely addition to your porch or even a great hostess gift as well.  I got the idea for this wreath from the numerous dried plants found on our farm.  I found a certain beauty in them and wanted to make something with them.  
I started with a bundle of dried plants, some sticks, rubber bands, and floral wire.  Happily, I already had all of these items on hand.

I secured the four branches together into a frame shape using the rubber bands.  I then cut small sprigs of the dried plants and attached them to the wreath frame with the floral wire.  I originally tried hot-gluing the sprigs to the branches but was unsuccessful.  The floral wire worked great! 
The end result was a simple, elegant wreath.  I hope you'll make your own wreath out of the dried plants or flowers available to you! 


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