Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY Breadcrumbs

Jana here with a super easy "Do It Yourself" recipe that I am really happy about!  I have always purchased bread crumbs (to use in recipes such as Tuna Patties, or Stroganoff Meatballs), but recently decided just to make my own. I saw once on a Rachael Ray episode where she suggested keeping a bag in your freezer that you could add small leftover pieces of bread (the heel, bread that has gone stale, etc), and then make a batch of breadcrumbs once you had enough collected. Variety in types of bread makes it even better, I think!  For this first batch, I used several pieces of whole wheat sandwich bread, and some white hot dog buns.  This process is very easy, and I plan to store the breadcrumbs in the freezer.

DIY Breadcrumbs 

Bread of any variety/type

1. Place the bread on the middle rack in your oven. (directly on the rack) Turn on the low broil, and watch closely as the bread begins to brown. The broil time will vary depending on your oven. Monitor closely, so you don't burn the bread.

2. Once it has reached a point where the bread is lightly browned, carefully remove from the oven. Using a food processor or chopper, chop the bread into fine bread crumbs.

3. Spread breadcrumbs out onto a baking sheet, and put them back into the oven on low broil. This will allow them to brown again. (When you chop them in the food processor, they likely will feel soft again).  Broil again until lightly browned, then remove.

4. Keeping the breadcrumbs spread on the baking sheet, let them sit out for approximately 24 hours so they can dry out completely.  Store in an airtight container.


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