Wednesday, January 8, 2014

{Healthy} Breakfast Banana Splits

Becca here with a healthy and filling but still fun breakfast idea my kids loved!  For some reason breakfast is the meal of the day that I struggle the most with getting on the table.  But I notice a difference in both myself and my children when we've had a "good" breakfast, so I do try and make it a great, nutritious and protein packed start to the day.  This "banana split" comes together really quickly, and is simple enough that an older child could even prepare it on their own.  It would make a great after school snack as well. Feel free to substitute your favorite type of preserves and nuts on top - I'm thinking blueberry jam and pecans would be amazing too!  Enjoy!

{Healthy} Breakfast Banana Splits

(all amounts are per serving!)

1 banana
4 ounces Greek yogurt
1 heaping Tablespoon preserves (I used no sugar added, just fruit, raspberry here!)
1 Tablespoon roasted nuts (I used peanuts here)

Place banana into bowl; split into half if you need to, as I did here, to get it to fit!  Top with yogurt, then preserves, and then nuts.  Serve immediately.

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