Monday, June 9, 2014

Simple Flower Experiment

Hi everyone!  How has your summer started?  This year I've decided to keep a theme in mind to focus our learning and playtime, as much as possible.  I have a VERY busy one and a half year old, and an almost three year old.  They are both wiggle-worms and stay busy all day long.  So, I need activities that will catch their interest and hold it, but not require too many steps or materials.

I'm sure this is one of the oldest experiments in the book, but it is worth it!  Our theme for now is water.  We've been having interesting conversations about water and did this little activity one afternoon.  We simply placed some daisies from our yard in colored water.  I tried to use the same type of talk as the scientific method, but in kid-friendly language while we set the experiment up.

We wait 'till the next morning and came to see what had changed about the flowers.  I'm happy to report the petals on the flower had changed colors!  So very exciting for my girls. :)

I hope you'll enjoy doing this activity with your kids also!  For older children I think it would be neat to draw the changes in the flowers in a journal or even paint them on a large piece of paper.


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