Friday, April 10, 2015

EASY Way to Cook/Peel Hard Boiled Eggs

Jana here to talk about boiled eggs. I recently read a magazine article about the best way to boil eggs. I told my husband that there seemed to be so many methods (cooking times, when to add the eggs in the water, etc) for cooking the perfect boiled egg!  Then I came across a post on The Prairie Homestead blog (a blog I highly recommend!) with a completely different method. And she said it would be easy to peel the eggs after they were boiled. I have tried some of the other suggested methods for this in the past (adding baking soda to the water, etc), without much success.  

The method is to steam the eggs!  The first time I tried it, and every time after, it has made me so happy to peel each egg in a matter of seconds!  The eggs look big chunks of the white of the egg taken off when it was hard to peel. The yolks are cooked perfectly and a pretty yellow color. I am SO pleased with this method!  It's my 'go to' now!

If you have a steamer basket, great!  But if not, you can set a metal colander in a larger pot for the same effect.  Fill the pot below your steamer basket about halfway with water. Set the steamer basket on top, and add the eggs. Cover with a lid, and get the water started boiling. Once it is boiling, you will want to steam the eggs for 20-22 minutes.

And this is what the results will look like!!

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