Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby Food

 If you're not a new mom like me, you might be able to whip up some homemade baby food in your sleep! However, if you find something so easy a tad bit challenging still-allow me. :) I had plenty of advice from my mom and sisters on how to make baby food and thank goodness for it! It's not rocket science, but it's something I wanted done right. So, I started with carrots.
 I bought a BIG bag of carrots, washed, and peeled most of the bag. I then cut them into chunks and placed them in a colander.
 Next, I wanted to steam the carrots, not boil them. I wanted to make sure my girl was getting as much of the nutrients as possible! I don't own a steamer, but my contraption above worked great! I placed the colander on top of a pot of boiling water. The water may have been slighly touching the boiling pot, but not by much. I also placed a lid on top of the colander, allowing the steam to gather.
 I kept checking on the carrots and probably let them steam for about 20 to 25 minutes. I'm sure there's a faster way to do this, but I wasn't in a hurry and was content to let them take their time. I then put the carrots into the blender.
 I tried using the "Baby Food" setting on the blender but it wasn't doing a thing. So I then put it on the "Smoothie" setting. I let it blend for a minute, then stirred, blend and stir, blend and stir. Soon the texture was getting to be just right! Once it was smooth I let the blender run for a couple of minutes without stirring it. Yummy-the perfect texture!
Lastly, I stored the pureed carrots in an icecube tray. This idea came to me from my mom and sister. Genius! I already gave my six-month old daughter a taste of these and she loved them! Even did a little spoon-diving to get more! (I snuck a taste too and they really are good! No artificial flavors or preservatives...all natural, all good). Enjoy! -Sara


  1. I loved making my baby's food. You know exactly what is going into it and its a good feeling. My daughter's favorites were sweet potatoes with a little cinnamon added and carrots with a hint of garlic. I would add garlic to alot of her stuff and she LOVED it, plus its supposed to be really good for them, helping their body to fight against colds and all kinds of other stuff. I started added seasonings and spices early on so she could start to develop a more complex pallet. I think it helped because that girl eats all kinds of stuff other kids won't touch!

  2. Laura - I (Becca) totally agree! All 3 of my kids will eat just nearly anything, and I did the same thing; I loved adding cinnamon too, and it's supposed to be super healthy also!