Monday, April 16, 2012

He's Got the Whole World Theme Dinner

   "He's got the whole world, in His hands..." How long it's been since I've sung this childhood song! The idea for this dinner came from my own convicted heart. How often do I think about and pray for the needs of others outside of NWA?
   Before my days as a stay-at-home mom, I was fortunate to teach at an elementary school that daily taught about people in the world-and that all people matter! It's my desire to instill this same awareness and love for people in my own children.
   The idea for this theme dinner is simple, and can be done as often as you like! The best part? You can change it up each time, making each dinner a fun, exciting opportunity to grow closer to Christ, and as a family!

He's got the Whole World Theme Dinner "TO DO"
1.) Pick a location in the world you want to focus on. If your children are little, mark the location on a globe or map for them to see. For older children-let them find the location!

2.) Gather books from home, or your local library on the location. This way children can become familiar with the similarities and differences we each have! A few of my favorite are: 
*The books you see pictured are my daughter's first bible, and Playtime Devotions book! She is 10 months old, so that is about as appropriate as it gets for now. :)

3.) Gather any other props that might be important or fun in learning what other people's lives are like! Chopsticks, flags, flashcards of the native language, photographs, etc. are a start!

4.) Cook (or do take-out) food that's appropriate for the chosen area!

5.) Decide how you want to present the needs of your location to your children. You might do some picture cards of a water well, or a child living in a less than perfect living quarters. If you have a missionary in this location, ask them for a copy of their newsletter and talk to your children in a kid-friendly way about the needs there.

6.) Pray with your children for the people in the location! It might be as simple as "Jesus, help the people know that you love them. Help them have something good to eat."

7.) Take action: This step is optional and might be best for older kids! See if there's a way your family can help the people of your location! Can you make stuffed animals to send? Have your children stuff the animals themselves! Can you collect spare change to give as an offering? The possibilities are endless!

Happy learning and praying
Sara :)

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