Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY Cupcake (or Muffin) Toppers

My sweet daughter celebrated her first birthday, as I mentioned on the blog last week.  I wanted to show you one last DIY project I created, using very little!  I bought some multi-colored toothpicks at Wal-Mart to make cupcake toppers with!  I cut tiny strips of fabric in colors to match the toothpicks, and then simply tied the fabric around the toothpicks.  After inserting the toothpicks into the cupcakes I had a colorful way to top the cupcakes that was easy and very inexpensive!
After looking at this picture I think the toppers would look even better had the sprinkles been left off the cupcakes because they would have stood out even more!
Also, if you're not comfortable making cupcakes with icing/sprinkles because of the high amount of sugar please feel free to search our muffin recipes on the blog!  The toppers would look adorable on those as well!

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