Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fruit Butterfly Snacks!

Becca here with a fun way to dress up your kids' snack a bit, without using candy, food dyes, or other processed things.  My kids ask for these fairly often, and think they're a nice treat!  We used a few mini chocolate chips to decorate them this time, but usually use raisins, sometimes even with a bit of peanut butter to help them stick.  One 'recipe' serves two.  Enjoy! 

Fruit Butterfly Snacks

1 large banana
1 large apple
1 few raisins or mini chocolate chips

Slice banana in half lengthwise.  Slice apple evenly into eight slices (I use an apple slicer like this that I purchased locally, that I think is well worth the money and drawer space if you have children!!).  Arrange fruit on a plate as shown, or provide it for the children to do on their own.  You'll only have to show them once, and then they'll be butterfly making experts!

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