Friday, October 19, 2012

How To: Keep potatoes from turning brown

Jana here with a basic "How To" kitchen tip!  A lot of times when prepping for dinner, I like to get things done throughout the day.  Since I have 3 young children, I can't always plan on the hour before dinnertime being a 'convenient' time to spend in the kitchen making our dinner!  There are many things you can do to prepare things ahead of time, and save things from getting so hectic right before dinner!  One of the major things, is to chop any necessary ingredients. For example, when I was making red potatoes recently, I knew it would be much easier to cook them for dinner if they were sliced and ready to go!  I also knew that potatoes can turn a yucky red-brown color when cut and left to sit.  All I did to keep these potatoes looking fresh for several hours was to cover them with water!  You could do the same thing when making hashbrowns, homemade french fries, or any variety of potaotes!  Feel free to share any of your basic 'prep ahead of time' ideas in the comments!

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