Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Painted Stars Centerpiece

Hi everyone!  Today I have a quick centerpiece idea you can enjoy during the entire holiday season.  If you were feeling really brave you could even have your little ones at home help with this! To make the painted star centerpiece I traced various sizes of stars on old Baptist Hymnal pages I keep on hand for such projects.  I then painted the stars, and let them dry. Later I glued two stars (wrong sides facing) together, placing a wooden skewer in the middle.  I used hot-glue for this and didn't worry about the stars matching up perfectly.  Last, I placed one wooden skewer in each bottle.  Easy! 
You could easily use this idea in several ways in your home-
  • the stars could be glued on string to create a garland
  • the bottles could be placed close together on a table, without needing the crate
  • the stars could be hung with string from the ceiling
  • the stars could be glued to tooth-picks instead of skewers and used for cupcake toppers! 
Happy creating!
Sara :)

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