Monday, January 14, 2013

Reader's Share: Healthy, tasty snacks!

Hi everyone! I hope your January has gotten off to a healthy, tasty start! I admit-I don't really jump on the bandwagon of healthy eating/dieting/etc. in January.  I really try to stay on it all year long! (the healthy eating part that is).  I am currently nursing my sweet baby so it is even more important that I get enough calories/nutrition.  This means I need to eat often and need something quick!  I do a lot of snacking and have been looking for filling ways to be satisfied.

I'd like to quickly share one idea I came up with and then would love to hear from you!  To prepare this tasty snack you'll need one container of plain Greek yogurt, one apple, and honey.  From there, the idea is simple!  Just chop the apple and mix into the yogurt.  Last, drizzle the desired amount of honey on top and you have a tasty snack!

I've also been enjoying hummus, almonds (specifically cinnamon covered ones), Triscuits with cheese and turkey, fruit, and natural peanut butter,

Now it's your turn to share!  What healthy/tasty snack do you enjoy at your house? Leave us a comment below!

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