Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orange Blueberry Whole Wheat Pancakes {freezer friendly}

Becca here with another 'breakfasty' (although we do eat "breakfast" for dinner!) freezer friendly meal.  These pancakes have a nice light texture, but using all whole wheat makes them hearty and filling enough for a good breakfast with some fruit or yogurt on the side.  I've noticed that I feel better, and my kids' behavior and attention is better during the morning school time, when we have a good breakfast (not new news or rocket science I know!) but I definitely would not consider myself a morning person, so I love having something like these pancakes, or breakfast cookies, that can quickly be heated up in the morning.  The orange adds a nice hint of citrus and depth of flavor over an ordinary pancake.  My inspiration recipe was from this library book.

Orange Blueberry Whole Wheat Pancakes

3 cups whole wheat flour (I use organic hard gold spring wheat I mill)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
4 Tablespoons olive oil
2 large eggs
2 cups milk (I use whole)
2 Tablespoons honey
1 medium orange (organic if possible, you're going to be using the peel for zest)
2 cups blueberries (11 out of 12 months I use frozen)
real maple syrup or honey for serving, if desired

Turn griddle (or large skillet) on to begin heating.

In a large bowl, mix together dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt). 

In a separate bowl, mix together liquid ingredients (olive oil, eggs, milk, and honey).  Add zest from the clean orange (at least several teaspoons, I go over the whole peel quickly) and 2 Tablespoons of juice squeezed from the orange, and whisk well to combine.

Mix liquid and dry ingredients together, just until combined (don't over mix)!

Using a heaping Tablespoon, drop pancake batter onto lightly greased, hot griddle, and top with 4-5 blueberries (See note if you're freezing).  Cook a couple of minutes, until bubbles are appearing and you can easily slide your spatula under to flip the pancake over, and the flip and cook another couple of minutes, or until golden browned.  I serve with a tiny drizzle of honey.

To freeze:   Cool to room temperature, then place one at a time into an airtight freezer-safe container (or bag).  Remove desired amount from bag and heat in toaster.  *Note that if you're going to be freezing and reheating in the toaster, be sure to place the blueberries more towards the center of the pancakes so they don't fall off into your toaster!

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