Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY huge 18" custom monogram letter {quick & inexpensive}

Becca here with a project that is both quick & inexpensive, but I think has really great results!  As I've mentioned previously, we recently moved to a new town, our sons (2 and 4 1/2) went from having their own rooms to sharing.  They previously had their names on their walls, but there wasn't enough space in the new shared space for each name (at 6 & 7 letters each especially)!  I still wanted to personalize it somehow for them, so decided to do their initial as large as I could find it instead, since I knew even my 2 year old knows that "M is for Malachi!" and would identify with that as being his :)  I find it a bit trickier to decorate for the boys' room, since I'm not really into the super 'themey' sports/superhero type things to plaster all over their room, and my oldest son is really into making sure things don't look remotely "girly" at all.  Leaving not a lot of choices besides solids & stripes for decor!  We were all happy with the way this project turned out, and it was seriously quick & easy.

I found these huge, 18 inch tall, wooden letters at Hobby Lobby.  They were $12.99 and I used a coupon, so they cost me right at $8 each.  They already have the notches cut out of them for easy hanging too, something the smaller ones don't have. 

I bought inexpensive washi style tape from the office supplies aisle at Target.  It was $5 for 4 rolls, and I had plenty on 2 rolls to do both of my letters, even with them being really wide letters (N & M).  If you haven't used washi tape before, it's basically just a semi-translucent papery tape that sticks well, but can also be removed, and usually comes in all kinds of cute colors and prints.  Most similiar to masking tape, but way cuter.  I think it's pretty self-explanatory, but I just carefully started laying down layers of the tape, making sure to keep it straight as I went.  The tape is easily removed if you mess up and get one crooked, or want to experiment with colors & designs.  There are SO many cute options you could do with this, for a boy, girl, or even living area.  I left the edges hanging off until the end, and then quickly ran up the side of the letter with a pair of little sharp scissors to make the edges nice & neat. 

I'd love to see the creativity you use on your letter!  You can email us at Enjoy!

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