Friday, May 24, 2013

Apple/Grape Race Cars

Jana here with a recipe that my young children loved!  I saw this idea in Family Fun magazine,  It is one of the few magazines I receive monthly.  If you watch any money saving blogs (such as Money Saving Mom), they do regular posts on magazine subscriptions that you can get for free.  I signed up for a free subscription to Family Fun magazine, and I love receiving it every month!  I'm pretty particular about what magazines I sign up for, but this one has great craft, recipe, and travel ideas! 

As any of you that have sons know, they are intrigued by 'things that go'!  When I added these apple and grape race cars to my 4 year old son's plate one day at lunch, he was thrilled with them!  He played with them some, and even modified them as he ate to turn them into other things!  ("Now it's a boat!", etc)  I think it's fun to add some creative food ideas to your kids mealtimes once in awhile!  Remember the bear toast I posted a few months ago?  My kids still ask me to make this, and I surprise them with it sometimes! 

All you need to do for the race cars is slice an apple (you could even make different color combinations with red/green/yellow apples, or red/purple/green grapes!).  Using an individual slice, poke a toothpick through each end, towards the bottom. Cut a grape in half, and put a grape on each end of the toothpick to add the 'wheels'!  These would also be really cute as an appetizer at a baby shower or birthday party!  If you use them for an appetizer, I would suggest mixing some lemon water to spray on the apples to keep them from turning brown. 


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  1. This is a fun idea. I have used recipes like this with my own kids and at the preschool I worked at. They are always a big hit!