Monday, August 12, 2013

{DIY} Collage Vase

My husband and I recently celebrated our 5-year anniversary!  He brought home the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, which reminded me of the times we were dating.  After about a week I had to throw some of them out (including a gorgeous sunflower), but these roses were still looking radiant.  I decided to stick them in a vase and reached for a plain glass one.  I'm a huge believer in finding the "rosy in the routine", and adding beauty to our days here and there.  With one quick look I decided to make the vase look a little more unique with a collage of sorts.

First I wrapped an old hymnal page around the vase and taped it to the glass.  Next I added a paper doilie with a construction paper heart, to the front of the vase.  I adhered these to the hymnal page with a couple of pieces of washi tape.  You can read more about washi tape here!

This little project was quick, but adds such a creative touch to my dining room table.  I think it would look awesome to have a whole table centerpiece, full of mismatched jars with collaged decor.

Happy crafting!

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