Monday, December 16, 2013

Snow Day Play: Inside!

Hi everyone! In our part of the state (Arkansas) we recently had a whole week of snow!  I know we get teased in these parts about not being able to handle the roads and such but the truth is we don't have the equipment capable of cleaning them off effectively.  So they get left very, very icy and we get stuck inside.  Can I admit I actually had a blast being "stuck" inside with my gals for six days straight?  Minus one afternoon when I was ready to escape, we really enjoyed ourselves!

Having a one-year old AND a two-year old means it takes a long time to get suited up to go outside and then everyone isn't always having fun in the ice cold snow.  I decided to fix that problem by bringing the fun inside!  I scooped up bowls of fresh snow and brought them into our kitchen for the girls to play in.

I provided a few props like mini Christmas trees, cups and bowls, spoons, and a cookie sheet for building a mini snowman.  We had such fun exploring the snow within the warm, cozy walls of our house.  The girls had a blast and I did too!

If you find yourself on one snow day too many, I encourage you to bring the fun indoors!

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