Monday, April 14, 2014

Cereal Box Art

Happy Monday everybody!  Welcome to another week.  I posted todays idea on my personal blog this week and someone suggested that you could make this an Easter craft so I thought I'd share here!  Do you save your cereal boxes?  I always do because it is such a large source of cardboard for painting, drawing, and mess making.  One idea in particular I like to do with cardboard boxes is cut shapes out of them and then paint them!  For todays idea I cut out circles from the box and then went to work painting them, layer after layer.  

I used the items pictured below to stamp some interesting designs on the circles and then doodled on top of the dried circles with a white pen.  

If you cut more of an oval shape instead of a circle these would make the perfect easter eggs for your kiddos to paint on this week!  The circles (or eggs) could then be glued or sewn together to make a garland, attached as tags to goody bags, or glued onto a mat to make a piece of art. 


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