Monday, April 7, 2014

Messy Outdoor Kitchen Play

Time to jump into another week (I can't believe we're already two days in!).  The spring time is just the most wonderful time.  I love the days when it's warm enough to go outside and spread our wings a bit.  I was preparing the menu and the activities I wanted to do with the girls and was actually smart enough to look at the weather forecast and plan accordingly. I knew today was supposed to be nice so I decided to set up a messy outdoor kitchen with "ingredients" (one of Anna's favorite words)
 This mess will frighten some of you, but hear me out.  
I put empty containers (cans and plastic containers...I always, always run these through the dishwasher and save them for play time, the sandbox, etc.), and "ingredients" on top of a cardboard table.  A.K.A. a diaper box turned upside down. 

The ingredients we used were flour, sugar, coconut, and baking soda to mix with white vinegar.  
I set everything out and let the girls do their own exploring, mixing, and experimenting.  They added some flowers, grass, and wood chips from the yard to their concoctions.  
 I showed Anna Ruth and Betsy Grace what happened when we poured vinegar into the baking soda and they squealed and loved it.  After that Anna did all the pouring, but Betsy didn't seem to mind. 

I kept a close eye on them and made sure to remind them several times that no fingers were allowed near their eyes or in their mouths.  They didn't try it, even once!  

Both girls played together with this little set up and that did my heart good. 

I love to see them learning to use their imaginations!  This took very little prep and was something that they were so, so excited about.  The clean up was easy too!  I turned the box back over and filled it up with the disposable items.  The rest got carried in to rinse off! 

There's really something to this homemade playtime...
play matters.

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