Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Funday #3 TobyMac Dance Party, Oranges, and Christmas Books

So, tonight's Family Monday Funday wasn't my plan A, or even plan B, more like plan D, ha!  After a fun but very busy weekend, and full day of homeschool, etc. by dinner time, all of us were pretty run down, no one was at their best, including myself.  However, for many of my kids, being over-tired means more craziness, not less, so I decided to adapt Monday Funday to get the rest of the crazies out before bedtime, and we had a TobyMac Dance Party, complete with awards!

TobyMac is one of my boys' favorite artists, and I had come across these exercise dance videos on YouTube a while back, but they hadn't seen them.  I appreciated that while they are exercising, they are dressed in clothing I am comfortable playing for my whole family to watch together.  We did 3-4; TobyMac Songs.

Then, it was time for the awards, I had quickly written different titles on fluorescent yellow index cards.  The Participant 'award' went to the child that had a really hard time with not being able to keep up with all of their moves, and was in tears until they finally decided to participate and just have fun, FYI ;) Like I said, tired people here today.......

I also handed out a huge orange with the award.  I have seriously seen Miss America's be less enthusiastic about winning the entire pageant than my youngest daughter was about her award, jumping, yelling, hands raised up clapping!

While everyone ate their orange slices, I read three of the Christmas Books we read every single year.  While it wasn't my original plan for this Monday Funday, it definitely made for a way more fun evening than we were headed towards with the pre-dinner moods, so that's a win in my book!

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