Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Funday Family Night #2

After we had the Kombucha Tasting Rating Family Night last week, the kids had been begging to do it again with another food.  Which I do have planned, but we decided to make "Monday Funday" and do a food every other week, with some other family activity on the opposite weeks.  I actually had planned to do this with the tiny dixie type cups, but happened across these bowls at a local sale, 50/$1.00, so that's what we used.

At dinner, I explained the way the activity was going to work.  Each person got their own sleeve of 50 bowls.  You couldn't use any extra items, just the bowls, and just your 50, no more, to complete the challenges.  The time limit was the span of whatever Christmas song came up next on my Spotify playlist.  Interfering with anyone else's building, or working after the song is over meant disqualification.

The challenges were things like "tallest structure", "widest structure", "tallest structure that I can balance a book on top of for three seconds", "longest structure using only five bowls touching the floor", etc.  It was pretty fairly matched; the first round, my oldest daughter came in first, and my husband second place.  The next round, my oldest son won by a landslide.  

Everyone enjoyed stacking the cups!

Let me know if you try a Monday Funday Family Night, and what ideas you think we should try next!! -Becca

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