Monday, April 9, 2012

Cooking Treasury Bowl for Baby

Hi everyone! As a mom I'm always racking my brain for creative ways to engage my daughter in play, especially at dinner time! I enjoy cooking, but need something enjoyable for my daughter to do too, as she is not to the helping age yet!
A "treasury bowl" or basket is a simple idea-Pick a theme and fill the bowl or basket with "like" items to let baby explore on their own!
For our Cooking Treasury Bowl I used these sturdy mixing bowls and included the following: Plastic cookie cutters, plastic cups, 2 large plastic spoons, a wire whisk, a chip clip, and clear, plastic cookie stamps.

My daughter loves having playtime with this! The whisk and cookie stamps are her favorite! She can get her hands on the cookie stamps and bang them on things which she loves.

I made sure to pick objects she couldn't swallow, or tear off in her mouth. I can't wait 'till she's old enough to help me in the kitchen but for now I love that she can discover the joy of cooking at an early age!

I hope you'll make your own age-appropriate Cooking Treasury Bowl! Share a picture with us on our Facebook page if you do! We'd love to see. :)

                                    **This would also make such a fun gift for a little one!***


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