Thursday, November 22, 2012

Warm Banana "Boats" - Camping Friendly!

Becca here with a fun recipe for the campfire!  Feel free to use the grill (as we did) or oven instead too.  My family recently camped out in the backyard, and I was wanting to serve a healthier alternative to the traditional s'mores, since we'd had treats at several different occasions that week.  Plus, all three of my kids seem to end up sticky from head to toe with the melted marshmallows, and I was wanting to use ingredients we already had at home, marshmallows not being one of those things.  I remembered watching Pioneer Woman's show on Food Network recently (we don't have any sort of TV hooked up at our house, but you can watch the episodes online) and they made these "Campfire Banana Boats" she called them I believe.  You don't really need an exact recipe, I used what we had what I remembered her doing on the show, and they turned out great!  Our bananas were slightly green on the tips still, and while they were good, I think they would have been even better with bananas that were fully ripe, so you might keep that in mind.  Enjoy!

Warm Banana "Boats" - Camping Friendly!

*Amounts given are per serving (1 banana per person), feel free to substitue your family's favorite ingredients, or things you have on hand.  Right at 3 Tablespoons total of mixture is the perfect amount, we found, with at least half of that being chocolate or something that melts.

1 banana
2 Tablespoons chocolate chips
1 scant Tablespoon roasted sunflower seeds
a pinch of coconut flakes
aluminum foil

With the banana still in the peel, slice through it lengthwise through the top peel and actual banana, being careful to not cut through the bottom peel, leaving it intact. 

Pull the banana 'boat' open, and full the opening with the toppings. 

Wrap the whole thing in foil.

Cook on low heat on the grill, in the oven at 350, or place in a warm spot near the campfire (but not over direct flame) for 15-20 minutes, or until banana and toppings are warm & gooey.  Serve immediately.  Enjoy! 

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