Monday, December 2, 2013

Decorative Cans (DIY)

I am so excited about this project today! To me, a perfect kind of craft is one where the sky is the limit, and money is not a limit.   My creativity shouldn't be limited by how much I make.  I think it was on Little Women where they said "Necessity is the mother of invention. " Amen and amen.  

I am so thankful that as a one-budget family, I've been challenged to think outside the box.  Such happy little projects come out of my determination to use what we already have on hand! 

These cans came from exactly that.  I knew I wanted a holiday centerpiece that was colorful and unique....and me.  So, I started collecting cans from vegetables, beans, or whatever we happened to be eating (chili season is a PERFECT time to save your cans!).  I then gathered some paint, paper supplies, and fabric/thread that all kind of went with the same color scheme (basically, a lot of color)  

The first step I completed with most of the cans was paint them.  I used regular acrylic craft paint and made stripes, dots, and big sections of paint.  

The last step to make the cans was to hot glue all the fun embellishments on!  
I adore how these turned out. 
I'll show you the finished table centerpiece with them soon! 
Just wait 'till you see what I put inside, I think you're going to like it. :) 

Happy can-crafting. 

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