Friday, March 30, 2012

Sausage & Egg Breakfast Fried Rice

Becca here with one of our favorite breakfast recipes.  I homeschool our children, and can tell a big difference in them between when we've had a protein packed breakfast and when we haven't, so for the past year or so I've tried really hard to make sure we're getting a good start to our day with a healthy breakfast.  This recipe is actually a combination between the Anytime Breakfast Burritos and Fried Rice, but I thought I'd share it in case you needed a new breakfast meal in your rotation.  Eggs are healthy & inexpensive, but I get a bit tired of eating them every single morning, so this makes a nice change. 

{Sausage & Egg} Breakfast Fried Rice
(this makes a large batch, you'll likely have leftovers, yay!)

6 large eggs
1 pound breakfast sausage (I always use my easy homemade sausage recipe) 
3-4 cups of cooked rice
salt & pepper to taste

1) If sausage is uncooked, cook it in a large skillet, crumbling it as it cooks.  I usually cook several pounds at a time, and then freeze the cooked, crumbled sausage for a quick & easy meal later!

2) When sausage is no longer pink inside, scoot it to one side, and add eggs to the empty space in the skillet you just created.  Because your skillet is hot, they will almost immediately begin cooking; use your spatula to start scrambling them, adding the sausage in as they begin to set.  Before the eggs are quite done, scoot the sausage & eggs to the side and add the cold rice to the empty spot in the hot skillet.  Continue to chop it up and mix it into the sausage & eggs until everything is evenly combined and hot.  Serve and enjoy!

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