Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Becca here with a super quick and easy meal that is on our regular rotation.  It's easy enough that even my youngest kids can help.  Making Homemade Tortillas is my very favorite, but not something I can prioritize right now; these from Sam's Club are what we typically use in this stage of life.  Feel free to be creative and add in your favorite toppings, like mushrooms, peppers, black olives, etc.  Offering an array of different choices, and letting kids make their own, can be a great way to get them to try some new-to-them foods.  I typically cook 2-3 pounds of sausage at a time.  Our favorite is to mix JC Potter breakfast sausage with half homemade sausage made with deer meat.  Then I have it already cooked and ready to throw together some super quick meals, like Sausage & Egg Breakfast Fried RiceBaked Breakfast Cups'Anytime' Breakfast BurritosUnstuffed Zucchini Squash SkilletTuscan SoupBreakfast CasseroleSausage, Bean, and Spinach StewBreakfast Pizza, etc.


Your favorite tortillas - I typically allow two per person
Pizza Sauce - we use the Walmart store brand, because it is in glass, has no added sugar, and is just over $1
Mozzarella Cheese, shredded
Cooked sausage, beef, or pepperoni
Other toppings as desired (black olives, mushrooms, etc.)

Preheat large skillet or electric griddle.

Place tortilla onto hot pan, and immediately cover with a thin layer of cheese, pizza sauce, meat, and other toppings, ending with a few sprinkles of cheese, before placing another tortilla on top.  Make sure not to make the toppings too thick, or the pizzadilla will be soggy.

When the bottom of the pizzadilla has started to lightly brown (you can peek under it using a spatula!), carefully flip it over.  Continue to cook until both sides are golden brown and beginning to crisp.

I let them rest on a dinner plate for a minute or two while I load the next batch of tortillas, and then use kitchen shears to slice them into quarters and serving.  Enjoy!

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